Do you want to pay off debt sooner and feel fantastic?!

Do you want to pay off debt sooner and feel fantastic? Use the Debt Snowball Method!

This is where you allocate all of your extra money to your SMALLEST debt first (while still making only the minimum payments on all other debts).

Then, when your smallest debt is paid off, close the account and move onto your next SMALLEST debt. The trick here is when you move to your 'next smallest debt' make sure you channel all of the funds that you were using to pay it off the first debt towards the next smallest debt as well as that particular debts minimum repayments.

Then once that debt is cleared too, close the account and focus on your 'next smallest debt', allocating all of debt 1 & 2's repayments towards the next smallest debt and so on and so forth.

You will notice that with the closing of each debt that you will feel fantastic for the acheivement and you will be even more motivated to tackle the next one ... and close that one too!

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