How often do you review your Business Plan?

It is so easy to be consumed by the day to day activities while working in your business. Right?

However, at Harvard Wealth we can't express strongly enough just how vitally important it is to take time out to simply revisit your business plan and see how your business is tracking.

It is just as important to spend time 'on your business' as it is 'running your business'.

Each review gives you the opportunity to ensure that if your business is not tracking in the right direction, then you can re-focus the business ... before things get too far out of shape!

This type of constant review allows you to stay in touch, to be aware and to understand where your business generates its revenue from and more importantly, where the business will generate revenue from in the future.

Review time is well spent when you are increasing your awareness, making conscious decisions and setting benchmarks to work towards before your next scheduled review.

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