Exciting times ahead!

Exciting times are ahead for Rockhampton and the Central Queensland region as our Prime Minister, The Honorable Malcolm Turnbull MP, was in town flagging Rockhampton as the place to be for opportunity. (Read the full article here – http://bit.ly/1TrnYBC)

With our local elections on the agenda for the region and with so many mayoral candidates putting their hand up for the top job, we can’t help but feel that the city is divided and scattered in trying to make the right decision on who is the best person to vote for.

Ostensibly the local environment has been plagued by private agendas, self interest and short sightedness in the past and conflicts of interest do not seem to be up for discussion nor appraisal.

Only time will tell who will be given the reigns to take Rockhampton and the Central Queensland region forward, however, one thing that is for certain, the Prime Minister was right – there are truly exciting times ahead!

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